Branding And Graphics

Branding and GraphicsUnfortunately, most marketers misunderstand branding. There are two elements to branding, and understanding each individually is the key to creating a consistent brand image.

The first element of branding is the internal element. It is the culture in the company office and the experience customers get when they come into contact with your organization. For the most part these ideals should come from within, as company culture and customer experience have an enormous impact on how a company is run. Internal branding is that which takes place among company employees and has little to do with outside perception.

The second element of branding is the external element. External branding involves creating a consistent experience for your customers every time they interact with your brand. Examples include having customer support answer the phone the same way every day, ensuring you have the same logo on all of your marketing materials, and ensuring your color scheme is maintained on every piece of digital and paper based content you create.

Having consistency is key to long-term success. Consumers can become confused if they receive mixed messaging or are exposed to incongruent logos and color schemes when they encounter your brand. This is critical, as creating confusion amongst your consumers can have disastrous effects. In the high-speed, information-overload era, asking someone to put in extra effort to engage with your brand is a guaranteed way to lose prospects.

With Velkaluna, mixed messaging will never be an issue. We work hard to ensure your logos, color schemes, messaging, and every other aspect of your branding is consistent and impactful. And if you haven’t created your brand yet, no problem; we can build it from the ground up.

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