Content And Copywriting

content and copywriting Finding the right words to convey your brand image can be tricky. You want to appear professional without coming across as sterile. You want to appear modern without sounding like a text messaging teen. The wrong word here or there can mean the difference between prospects connecting with your site or scratching their heads. Your obstacles, however, do not stop there.

Bad grammar, improper punctuation, and misspellings can devastate a website. It is hard to put trust in a company when there are blatant mistakes on their foremost digital facing property. Think about it; would you trust a doctor if his business card read ‘Doktor Smith’? Probably not. When we see writing mistakes on a website, it leads us to question whether the people running the business are professional or not. If they can’t produce quality work for themselves, how can we trust they will produce quality work for us?

It can be tempting to skip content creation and copy writing as a way to save money. Don’t make this mistake. With mere seconds to capture someone’s attention, having the right messaging in place can mean the difference between engaging a new client and turning them away because someone confused ‘their’ with ‘there’.

Graphics can only take your site so far, and we understand this. Allowing Velkaluna to create your content ensures you connect with your audience while maintaining your brand image. And when it comes to marketing, creating a connection is one of the most powerful ways you can influence someone.

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