Email Newsletters and Campaigns

email newsletter and campaignsEmail marketing via newsletters is quite possibly the most cost effective form of marketing available. With the mass adoption of smartphones and tablets, people are reading their emails around the clock. Add to this the fact that most people keep their email addresses forever, and you have the perfect combination of convenience, engagement, and cost efficiency.

But there is no need for concern – there is a difference between sending SPAM and sending newsletters. spam is unsolicited, while newsletters require that you build a list of engaged audience members who are interested in receiving your news, updates or information. Building an email list can take time, which is why its important to start right away. Do not be deterred though, as the numbers are highly convincing.

Consider this: if you have 5,000 email subscribers, and every time you send out a newsletter, 2% of them buy something. This means you make 100 sales for every weekly, bi-weekly or monthly newsletter you send out. While the type of sales you can achieve will vary based on your industry or business model, at the very least you are promoting your brand, in an inexpensive, non-intrusive way.
Whether you are starting from scratch or have an existing subscriber list, Velkaluna can design, create, and manage your email newsletters and campaigns with success in mind.

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