SEM ServicesSEM Services

The process of capturing search engine traffic is a mystery to many business owners. We take that mystery out of search engine optimization and marketing. Whether the goal is to capture organic or paid traffic, all of our campaigns are designed to achieve specific marketing objectives, with a focus on ROI.

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Website Services
Website Services

Similar to a brick and mortar storefront, your website is a reflection and representation of your business. As such, your site should contain a perfect mix of aesthetics (to make it look nice) and business functionality (to get users in the door). It doesn’t matter how beautiful your store is, if your customers can’t find a door to get in. Conversely, it doesn’t matter how many doors you have, if your building looks like it hasn’t been cleaned or remodeled in 10 years. Whether you need to revamp your existing site or build from the ground up, Velkaluna can deliver a site that both converts customers and maintains your brand image. Click here for more information..


email newsletter and campaignsEmail Newsletters and Campaigns

If you have been in online marketing for long enough, you have probably heard the phrase ‘the money is in the list.’ While the idea of email marketing recently regained popularity, highly successful online marketers have understood the power of email all along. Email newsletters and campaigns are not only extremely cost effective, the presence of smartphones and tablets means people are now checking their email around the clock. Add in the fact that most people keep their email address for years on end, and you have what is quite possibly the cheapest, most effective marketing channel ever.

If you’re not sure where to start with email marketing, that’s ok. Velkaluna Marketing can handle content creation, template design, list management, distribution scheduling and everything else you need to get a successful email newsletter campaign up and running. Click here for more information..


Branding and GraphicsBranding and Graphics

In short, branding equals consistency.  Ensuring that your company creates a consistent experience for consumers every time they encounter your brand is very important.  Slight variations in color-scheme, logo design, or marketing messaging can confuse consumers.  And confusion leads to distrustVelkaluna will ensure your marketing message stays consistent throughout every aspect of your campaign (whether you need a new brand image or are supplementing your existing branding).  This ensures your clients and prospects know who they are dealing with, the first time and every time. 

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content and copywritingContent and Copywriting

Content and copywriting studies have shown that you have a mere 8 seconds to capture someone’s attention when they are browsing on the Internet (some studies say its only 2 seconds!). Therefore it is of crucial importance that you capture readers the first time, as you may not get a second chance.

We understand that finding the right words while creating the right tone can be much harder and much more time consuming than one might think. Our content creation services are focused on creating engaging content that captures your prospective audience while maintaining your brand image.

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Social MediaSocial Media

Social media has been all the rage in recent years, yet the overwhelming majority of marketers get it wrong. They pour endless marketing dollars into campaigns with no clear ROI objectives and no real grasp of what the goal is. While social media can be a cost effective way of getting the word out, it can also be a huge time drain (and highly unprofitable). Given this, we approach social media as a highly particular beast.

Creating content that is inherently social, interesting or valuable can lead to that content going viral, which is the digital form of word-of-mouth. Creating content that is not however, can lead to a failed launch no matter how hard you push. If you’re looking for viral exposure through webinars, Facebook promotional campaigns, Tweets or blogs, let Velkaluna handle your social media campaign and we’ll help you avoid the failures. Click here for more information..