Social Media

Social MediaSocial media has been all the craze for the past few years. The truth, however, is that social media rarely drives a strong ROI. Yes, it’s ‘cool’ to have 10,000 followers, but if you can’t get any of them to take action, those followers are useless. At the end of the day, there is a time and place for social media. And unless you are a celebrity, it probably should not be at the top of your priority list.

With that said, social media can be a great vehicle for driving traffic to your website, increasing page views and promoting your brand – it just has to be done properly.

Think of it like this (the following is one of the best and most accurate analogies we have ever come across):
Social media is like a cocktail party. People go to cocktail parties to engage with other people. We engage by sharing new and cool information, showing-off, and distracting ourselves with mindless endeavors. Nobody likes the nerd who wants to talk about numbers and mechanics; he or she isn’t ‘fun.’ The nerd however, is not hated – it is the salesmen who is hated. It is the salesman who runs around the party, screaming and shouting at everybody about his hot new product or service. He pays absolutely no attention to the fact that nobody is listening to him. What he doesn’t realize is that people are there to be entertained, and don’t care about his product or service. More importantly, he is oblivious to the fact that people know full well he has no interest in their wants or needs. He’s in it for himself, and everybody at the party knows it.

This analogy illustrates the harsh reality surrounding social media perfectly; if you want to be effective in the social media space don’t be the salesguy! Instead, become the guest that offers new and engaging information partygoers want to hear about. This person not only attracts the attention of the audience, partygoers also whisper to their neighbors about what he has to share. This creates the word-of-mouth, viral effect so many marketers miss out on when pursuing social media.

Not sure how to do this on your own? No problem. Our social media campaigns are designed to help you avoid being the salesguy while helping you to become the dispenser of awesome information.

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