At Velkaluna Marketing, our primary service goal is to deliver exceptional value to our clients in the form of efficient, profitable, custom-tailored marketing initiatives. When a client comes onboard, we take the time to listen, allowing us to fully understand your business and marketing needs. Once we have a solid grasp of what your outcomes, we will come back to you with a solution designed to help you meet your goals.

It is for this reason you will not find prices on our website. While other consultancies offer cookie cutter packages (because they are not custom tailored to your needs) they rarely achieve the results you desire. Furthermore, our ‘solutions’ do not involve throwing a piece of technology at you. While technology can make our efforts more efficient, effective marketing is based on the understanding of human needs. Given this, we place heavy emphasis on designing a campaign that incorporates a wide variety of tools (including technology).

And because we have such a wide variety of tools at our disposal, we feel there is no need to force our clients into predefined packages. All of our services are offered a-la-carte for however long you need them, allowing our clients maximum flexibility. Whether you need a one-month push for the holiday season or a one-year drip campaign, we’ve got you covered.

What We Do

As a full service interactive marketing agency, Velkaluna can help you with virtually every aspect of your online marketing campaign. Our services include search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), web design and hosting, email newsletter marketing, content creation, branding and graphics, social media marketing (SMM) and webinar promotion, and project management. For a breakdown of our individual services, please visit our Services page.

How We Do It

We don’t believe in cookie cutter approaches. We understand that every client is different, with different needs and goals. Given this, our goal is to understand your business, marketplace, and competition so that we can put together a custom program designed to meet your specific needs. Furthermore, we collaborate with our clients throughout the entire process, allowing us to adjust to whatever obstacles or opportunities present themselves.

What You Can Expect

At Velkaluna we shun the employer-contractor relationship, and instead we see you as our partners. One of our foremost goals in working with clients is to establish a close and trusting relationship; a relationship where you are happy to give us your business because of the exceptional value we provide. We are not out for a quick win – instead, we are interested in creating mutually profitable, long-term relationships.

Contact us today to see how we can help you create, build and develop your online presence.